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Blockchain Courses

Break down the complex world of blockchain, master new technology, and be one of the pioneers for blockchain specialisation.

Your 2021 Blockchain Course Options

Empowering enterprise, educators and students for a future in blockchain.

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Applied Blockchain - Intensive 6-Week Instructor-Led

While Blockchain is the technology that powers the cryptocurrency industry worldwide (e.g. Bitcoin) --- it is only a small part of blockchain’s potential and what it can offer to businesses. Advanced Technology Education partnered with Blockchain Collective offers a 6-week intensive Applied Blockchain aligned with components of ASQA accredited Applied Blockchain Courses. The course is designed to provide a preview into the world of applied blockchain technology and what it offers to emerging businesses. It’s a course for people who want to build real-world strategies, enhance their job opportunities, and open their organisations up to greater competitive advantage.

Diploma of Applied Blockchain

The Diploma of Applied Blockchain provides students with a range of knowledge, skills, and generic and specific competencies to support them in gaining employment in applying blockchain technologies within an existing or new organisation.

The course outcomes for graduates will vary greatly depending on existing qualifications and experience. In general, this course is intended to provide participants with the following vocational outcomes:

  • Management or operational roles within an organisation implementing  new business models that incorporate blockchain technologies to create value, efficiencies, and new opportunities
  • Management or operational roles within an organisation implementing disruptive business systems that enable the application of blockchain technologies.
  • Management or operational roles within an organisation charged with developing and overseeing blockchain teams.
  • Some potential employment opportunities involving the delivery of the Diploma of Applied Blockchain course in Australia may be possible where the graduate also holds a Vocational Education Teaching qualification, such as the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

The Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain (10747NAT) is a dynamic course that equips current and future blockchain specialists for blockchain technology institutions. With the course, students are expected to complete six (6) core units and two (2) electives to be eligible for the diploma. 

Students may choose to complete an additional 2 units. Students will receive a statement of attainment for the additional units after it has been completed. As a student of this course, you can expect to learn the following:


  • Establishing a blockchain framework for decentralised peer-to-peer consensus and innovation.
  • Learn how to develop a blockchain business model.
  • Learn how to develop a blockchain network functional requirements specification.
  • Learn how to prepare the organisation transition requirements for shifting operations to a blockchain network.
  • Learn how to develop a blockchain governance model for other institutions.

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Diploma and Advance Diploma of Applied Blockchain


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