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Choosing the right training organisation

1. Choice of Learning Institution

Australia is known for its high standard quality education institutions and qualifications, many of which are ranked among the world's best.

With so many schools to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be challenging. As your guide, we can help you choose a school location that's right for you and make sure you have the best chance at having your application accepted.

Learning institutions differ in their teaching methodology, educator contact availability, learning materials and facilities, price and even student populations / demographics. We can assist in taking you through some of these factors to find an institution that suits you best.

We have several institute partners set up all over the country for you to choose from. Consider the city that you want to live in for the duration of your study career in Australia.

2. Admissions

We offer guidance and assistance with understanding the study requirements prior to beginning the course. We ensure students have all the requirements they need for successful enrolment and commencement of their studies.

3. Funding

Education is an investment for the future. As an international student, it is expected that you pay for your tuition fees, school materials, pre-enrolment requirements, visa expenses, and accommodation/living expenses. We ensure students have a realistic understanding of all costs associated with study in Australia.

3. Visa

We can assist you with your visa processing, either directly online through self application, or by referral to registered, reputable migration agents.

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