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Employment Opportunities

All Advanced Diploma Graduates become an Associate Fellow of Blockchain Australia 


“Blockchain Australia is a strong advocate for creating industry standards and benchmarks around blockchain in Australia. We’re proud to support and endorse Australia’s first government accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain.

The course provides a reliable framework for people to become industry experts and blockchain professionals, and validates competency of the graduate. We’ve worked closely with Blockchain Collective to align the course outcomes with industry demands and needs”. – Nick Giurietto, CEO

Studying Blockchain technologies opens a world of potential opportunities for anyone who wants to pursue the field of blockchain technology. Here are some of the potential job opportunities that await you:

Crypto Brokers

Manage crypto assets from individuals via trading, finding sellers or buyers, who individually hold large pools of crypto, and pair them for the sale.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Build contracts, assure that companies are abiding by the law, provide ICO reviews, and provide legal assistance.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Ensure the quality in all areas of blockchain development, such as automation frameworks and tests, manual testing and dashboards.

Blockchain Project Manager

Coordinate blockchain processing software issues, processing security, cyber currency management systems, resource monitoring, and reporting, and the development of specialized programs.

Blockchain Solution Architect

Take charge of the architecture design, lead the development team and be the handover of the solution.

Blockchain Developer

Build life cycles of blockchain applications, from research to execution. Utilise various and create interfaces, features, and architecture for different purposes.

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