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Tips for Writing the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is a requirement for all applicants for student visas, and it confirms that you will be studying in Australia on a temporary basis.


The purpose of the GTE statement is:

  1. To ensure applicants will not attempt to stay in Australia beyond the length of their visa
  2. To verify that applicants are truly pursuing a quality education and are not entering Australia under this visa with any intentions other than to study


Immigration Case Officers are specifically stringent on offshore student visa applications. Students need to ensure that they can convince immigration they are studying their course for the right reasons.


Here are some basic tips on how to write your GTE:

Be Realistic

This is probably the most important GTE requirement. Immigration Case Officers can generally tell if someone is being unrealistic or untrue with their statement. Providing a job offer for 2-3 years in the future is often unrealistic. Especially if the course you are studying is a vocational level.

Be Concise

Although you want to make sure you provide a comprehensive statement, it doesn’t need to be very long – two to three paragraphs should do. In those paragraphs, you need to briefly explain your circumstances, your motivation for studying in Australia, and why you will certainly be returning to your home country after your student visa. There is no need to go into detail when describing this information, one to two sentences for each circumstance you list should be enough. 

Explain your circumstances in your home country (Personal Circumstances)

The Case Officer will want to know that you have strong ties to your home country. You need to ensure that you explain your personal circumstances in your home country. For instance, be sure to mention that all/most of your family members reside in your home country, possessions, your home etc there.


Perhaps you have some specific events in the future which require you to return home. The Case Officer will also take into account the economic circumstances of your home country. A common reason immigration case officers provide for refusals are that “based on the economic conditions in your home country, you would have little incentive to return.” You need to show there are enough other reasons for you to return home.

Explain the value of the Course

Immigration would like to see that you have thought about the industry that you are planning to use the knowledge of your study in. Is it growing? What are the future job openings like? How will this course benefit you in securing a job in this industry in your home country? How will studying this course in Australia specifically improve your prospects in the industry.

Explain why you chose the specific Education Provider

It is important that you have done research into your education provider. How does it compare to other education providers that offer a similar course. This will demonstrate to the case officer that you have put in thought into your studies. 

Discuss the future value of the course to you

A very common reason Immigration Case Officers refuse applications is that the Applicant failed to provide evidence of the value of the course to their future. By studying in Australia you are spending a significant amount of money and time. Immigration wants to see how studying will provide you with a benefit. Will the course allow you to apply for higher paying positions in the future? Will it allow you a better chance of entering another course? Will the course allow you to gain skills which could help you make more money?

Explain why you chose to study in Australia compared to your home country

Immigration would like you to explain why you chose to study in Australia and if there were similar courses offered in your home country. If there are options in your home country to study this course, explain how studying this course in Australia is different. You can also explain why you chose Australia as opposed to any other country that has a similar qualification.

Provide Documentation

Since the GTE statement is meant to prove how genuine you are in your application, providing documented evidence is always a good idea. Again, this text is meant to prove that your claims are authentic, so providing proof is an excellent method to confirm they are.